Circle Size program is specifically designed for accurate and detailed analysis of hard drive disk space and successful removal of unnecessary files.

6 reasons why users chose Circle Size program

Easy and simple Interface

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We tried to make the program as simple as possible - you wont get stuck in a pile of charts and graphs, so that you wont see the wood for the trees. The entire contents of your computer will be in full view. A visual interactive map will help you move easy from level to level.

Details at Any Level

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You saw a suspiciously large folder and want to know what is inside? Nothing could be easier, just click on the appropriate area and go to the contents of the folder.

Immediate Results

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You will immediately see the "heaviest" folders and files and be able to start cleaning up your computer from them. You will easy determine how deep the file is hidden by the number of rings on a diagram.

Ability to Choose Disc for Check Up

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This program can check the hard drives on your computer (including virtual ones) as well as USB drives: thumb drives and external hard drives. You can switch from one disk to another while being online, determine how much space is available on each device and what to do to increase available space.

Program and Direct Work with Files

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You can delete, copy, and move files directly in the software. Just enough to make a right click.

Thats Done It!

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Even if your computer contains some terabytes of data a checkup will not take long: a scanning speed of Circle Size program exceeds the competitors one in several times. And yet, it never freezes!

Do you want to scan your computer and free up dozens or even hundreds of gigabytes memory on your hard drive? Click on the link and download the trial version now.