You bought a new computer and thought that a hard disc space would last forever? But a bit of time passed and free space melts away. Worse of all, navigating folders and catalogues become more difficult - often you do not even realize where things are stored. Of course, you try to cope with situation, find and delete unnecessary files, nevertheless, newly freed space does not last long.

What to Do?
Move Information to Hard Disc?
Buy a new computer with more memory and bigger hard drive?
Or, after all, simply figure out: what all gigabytes were used for?
Circle Size program will help you to evaluate your computer memorys usage, find lost gigabytes, and clean up your computer.

You dont need anymore to manually open and sort out each folder and delete unnecessary ones. Just a few minutes, and the program scans a chosen hard drive and gives you the results in easy and understandable way.

As a result, you will receive a visual pie chart in which the size of each segment depends on the size of the folder. The bigger part of the circle drawn in the appropriate color, the more disk space is used. You can easily navigate between the levels browsing large folders and removing all unnecessary.

Simple, Fast and Clear!
You can instantly evaluate situation without being destructed by little things, sort out the biggest occupants of the hard drive space: you can copy and paste, and move files right from the program window.

Circle Size software is developed for:

System Administrator:

With this program, you always know what type and how much information is stored on the hard drive of users computers. For example, if Maria Ivanovna from Accounting Department complains that her computer runs slow, then, by using Circle Size program you can find in the depths of her computer pictures of her beloved grandson, lost and forgotten, taking up lots of gigabytes on a hard drive. Your company then wont need to buy a new computer for her.


You can use Circle Size program for constant monitoring and prompt removal of unnecessary files. Imagine the situation: at home you have one computer which is being used by all members of your family. From time to time, you run out of storage space on your hard drive. Then, you can try Circle Size program to find hundreds of your sons favorite music songs and your daughters all seasons of favorite movies in the computer.

With Circle Size program you can constantly and completely control hard drive space.